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In Him we live and move and have our being.

Oh the Bliss of Him Whose Sins Have Been Pardoned!

Hey Yall! So I have been in South Africa for about 3 weeks now. God has been doing great things here. Our team spent the first 2 weeks here in rural villages of Transkei. We preached the gospel, prayed for the sick, and hung out with the poorest of the poor. It was such a special thing to share life with the poor. We slept with them, ate with them (even the weird stuff), laughed with them, prayed with them, and sang with them. It was like although we were entering into their poverty we entered much more into their joy. They seemed more happy than most American Christians I know at least. A simple life celebrating the simple gospel. During our time here we have seen salvations, healings, restoration of lives, and made some great friends. The best part is I feel like I am rediscovering all over again the beauty of grace. I’m filled with the same familiar feelings as the first time I realized this amazing grace and what the gospel was all about. Its like I took my first breath again. I remember so clearly a veil of confusion and questioning lifting. I could think clearly. All the arguments and disputes were settled. I knew that this was the good news of the happy God. All over again I am overwhelmed with the eternal smile that is our light and salvation. That we, mankind, have found favor in the sight of God. Creator is pleased with creation so that creation may be pleased with itself. We were rescued perfectly from the grip of sin and death and brought into a new world. One where there is one king, one father, that is the Father of Lights. He rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son who he loves. Brought us home. Right where we belong. Perfect harmony, the same love between the Father and the Son living in us and oozing out of us. He himself chased us. We all like sheep went astray but we celebrate God cause He is better at shepherding than we are at getting lost. Yay! 

South Africaaaaaa

Hello everyone! So I am currently a couple of months into staffing a Discipleship Training School.What This entails is 3 months of lecture and 2 months of outreach. We are in the lecture phase and so I have been training up the students on the basics and preparing them to go into the nations! On December 13th I will be leading a team of 9 people to South Africa. We are going to be spending the first  few weeks in Eastern Cape in a remote village where they are steeped in witchcraft and ancestral worship. Many of them will hear the gospel for the first time. Then we will have a 20 hour car ride to Cape Town where we will partner with a ministry called Community Transformations doing evangelism, serving needs, and helping them pioneer a new base. After 3 weeks in Cape Town we  are going to Johannesburg to serve and minister with a church there for a week. We fly from Johannesburg to Boston where we will spend a month doing  evangelism and having prayer and worship meetings at Harvard. As you all know my missions work is volunteer so I have to personally raise finances off of donations. I need 2700 dollars for outreach and I am leaving in just a few weeks. Consider giving as much or as little as you like.Bless you all and thank you for being part of my journey.


A few days ago I was doing outreach in Allison Hill (the ghetto part of Harrisburg) and I met a girl named Laura. I was walking down this less than reputable street and  stumbled upon a guy and a girl sitting in a car. They were sitting outside this sketchy abandoned building that is used as some kinda drug den place and it was obvious they were making a drug deal. My instinct was just to leave them alone as interrupting a drug deal is against pretty much all the rules in the ‘how to evangelize for dummies’ handbook. However a younger less “mature” girl I was with insisted that we go ask them if they want prayer. So we walk up to the window and I am not sure what it was about her but it was one of the most sad things I have ever seen. She was obviously super strung out not to mention she looked extremely afraid. She told us her name and we asked her if she wanted prayer. She said yes for her health but didn’t want to discuss the details. It tore me up even more to see how desperate she was. I mean who accepts prayer during a drug deal for Gods sake! She teared up as we said a quick prayer and then walked off. There  were no angels, no miraculous healing, no booming voices from heaven or  crazy conversions but somehow it left the biggest impression on me. Somehow I knew it was much more significant than that. A still small voice that  says I love you at the lowest point. It shook my view on what fruitfulness in the context of evangelism really looks like. I will avoid the temptation to further break down the story and extract more information because I have found stories loose their beauty when we pick them apart for arguments sake. Just let its sit in your mind and do whatever it pleases.

Ignorance is Bliss

I have spent the last few years traveling as a missionary. I have preached and taught. I have discipled and been discipled. I’ve read books. I’ve studied lots of theology. I’ve studied church history. All that and I can safely say I know nothing. Wisdom is meaningless anyways cause at the end of the day we have no clue just how much we don’t know. We don’t even know what we don’t know. All I know is there is a God and I am loved. All that I can do is hope in that love.

Update Glory! Check out what is going on!

Hello all my wonderful friends and family! It has been way too long since I sent out an update as always but I have been super busy. The past few months have been amazing here in Harrisburg! From the hillside intensive, which consisted of 28 days of worship and training of young worship leaders. To Circuit Riders in Kansas City where we saw in two weeks 250 salvations on the streets as well as about 150 physical healings on the streets. God has been on the move like crazy and I wish there was time to describe all of the amazing testimonies coming from our community. It is definitely an exciting time for us as our base recently acquired a 17 bedroom gigantic mansion that we will be using to house students and staff for our schools here and our DTS will be starting in a few weeks. So that leads me to what my role will be in all of this. I decided a few days ago that I will be staffing the DTS that starts on September 27th which means I will be discipling the students, helping serve the school and then taking a team of students to a foreign country for a couple of months. I am very expectant for the next 6 months that the DTS is going on and am excited to see the lives of students changed. As well as I am excited to take this opportunity to grow as a leader. For all this to happen I will be needing lots of money coming in! I want to invite you all again to be a part of this process by donating one time or monthly! You can give one time by just clicking the donate button here or if you would like to give monthly send me an email at and I will let you know how that works. I love you all and will attempt to keep everyone more updated!

    Hello everyone. So we are like half way through the worship school Hillside Intensive and I just thought an update was due. There has been crazy break through for the students here over the past few weeks! From people getting healed of physical sickness to depression and addictions just leaving people. Seriously there are countless stories and testimonies of students who were caught in shame and depression but are set free in His love! They are finally  realizing that God loves them and believes in them. The most simple but liberating truth. We still have half of the school left and as staff we are all expectant as to whats next but have no clue what could even be next. The Lord has already done exceedingly more than we asked or imagined.

    Here is the deal. It was a super rough start here and had a ton of unexpected expenses so basically I am broke. I also am now going to staff circuit riders in kansas city for 2 weeks in the beginning of august which means I need an extra 500 dollars. Help me get there and partner with what God is doing in America by donating here! Anything and everything is appreciated and needed. Bless you all.  Grace love and peace. If you have any questions about donating send me an email at 

'Everything that is not of faith is sin' says Paul in Rom. 14:23. In the last analysis, what the New Testament sets up as the opposite of sin is not virtue; it's faith. And how lucky that it is for us - precisely because we can no more organize our lives on good principles than we can on bad ones, and even more precisely because all the really great acts of human wickedness have always been done in the name of virtue - we are not to trust either in virtue or in our efforts to achieve it.

—Robert Capon (kingdom, grace, and judgement)

The Bible declares that we are “hidden *with* Christ *in* God”, not that we are hidden *in* Christ *from* God. Jesus is not your refuge from an angry Father, but your link to the Father’s family.

—Jeff Turner

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Hiiiiii Guyssss

   Hello friends and family! Quick update. So I am finally here and the worship school has finally started. It has been quite a journey since moving here to Harrisburg. The first thing I did when I got here was get into a car accident. Not to mention later getting a flat tire and a parking ticket. There is no doubt it has been rough getting settled here. However last night when the school started and we began to worship together I knew  it was all gonna be worth it. Something in my heart became so alive. Isn’t worship awesome like that? Seriously we should all spend a bit of more time celebrating God. its really great. Anyways its awesome seeing the students encounter God and fall in love. God is really gonna blow out all our expectations. However I must admit it has been a little hard and I am in need of a lot more finances. I am going to be here for a year which get pretty pricey. Monthly support is awesome and so are one time donations. The way to donate right now is just by  hitting the donate button on my blog here. If you are giving monthly then give that same way with the donate button once a month. Bless you guys! I will give a more detailed update soon. Glory and blessings! 

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